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Cubshoot - 34424 plays
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Shoot the cute Happy Tree Friend as far as you can.

Controls: Mouse
Total plays: 34424
Author: Happy Tree Friends
Similar games: Cubshooter 2

This game is a beautiful cartoon with smooth gameplay. Short but challenging, enjoy the nice graphics too!
Piggy Flu
Shoot the pigs before they infect you with swine influenza, upgrade your Mexican dude in between the levels if you have earned enough.
Zombie Grinder 60000
Fast paced zombieshooter including some nice metal, fits perfect in the game. Enjoy shooting those zombies!
Dad 'n Me
Welcome to a sick world. This time you have to kill the children with your bare hands, some give a bit of resistance, some not at all.
A very bloody and stylish fighting game in an oldschool style, has very nice visual effects!
Zombie Takeout
Not a shooter but one of the rare violent puzzle games around, some action and some thinking makes a great combo!


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