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Clear Vision 2 - 259901 plays
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Clear Vision 2

Better than 1 in a lot of points, just enjoy the game as you enjoyed the first one! Sniping action at its best! Dont forget to read the newspaper.

Controls: Mouse
Total plays: 259901
Author: Addicting Games
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A very short walkthrough:

Level 1 - Wait for the car. Then, shoot the man with the hair.

Level 2 - Shoot the man on the lower left in the head.

Level 3 - click the the man who is walking.

Level 4 - Shoot the dog.

Level 5 - Move your mouse to the left then shoot the man.

Level 6 - Shoot the man who is peeing. Then, shoot the man who is near the car and shoot the man who came out of the wall.

Level 7 - Shoot the man and if you see red blinking... shoot!

Level 8 - Click the air dent the click the white door, click on the blue prints, click main power station then click the thing in front of you. Cut the red,blue and green wires.

Level 9 - Click on the small man.

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